Li-Pei  Peng
Full-Time,Associate Professor
Name Li-Pei Peng
Office Tel No. 02-33662939
Associate Professor and Chair
【Research expertise】
◎Community Studies
◎Rural Development and Planning
◎Regional Governance
◎Environmental Resource and Management
1.Community Empowerment and Regional Development
2.Seminar on Community Development
3.Community Resource Survey
4.Study on Development Strategy
5.Cultural Landscape Studies
Country School Name Department Degree
Tokyo , Japan The University of Tokyo Urban Engineering Ph.D.
Tainan , Taiwan National Cheng Kung University Architecture M.Arch.
Taipei , Taiwan Chinese Culture University Architecture and Urban Design B.S.
Organization Title Job Title
Department of Bio-industry Communication and Development, NTU Associate Professor
Department of Bio-industry Communication and Development, NTU Assistant Professor
Department of Architecture and Urban Design, PCCU Adjunct Lecturer
Chinese Architects, Taipei, Taiwan Architect
Licensed National Architect in 1994
Year Lab Title Location
2018 Office College of Agriculture Bldg. R523
2018 Lab of Community and Regional Studies College of Agriculture Bldg. R412