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Alumni and Their Theses

Serial Number Year M.A. Student Advisor Co-advisor Thesis
M322 2020 Yi-He Hu Hsiu-Ping Yueh   Research on the relationship between food literacy, emotion, preference and food choice of college students
M321 2020 Yu-Han Tsao Chun-Chieh Wang   The effect of drug R&D process events on stock price –A Case Study of Pfizer, Inc
M320 2019 Lei-Teng Lam Jiun-Hao Wang   Exploring the scientific communication practitioner’s opinions on social science issues- A Case Study of food safety
M319 2019 Chun-An Hsieh Shu-Mei Wang   Exploring the Impulse Buying Behaviors in Omni-channel Retailing– A case study of Watsons
M318 2019 Yu-Chen Lin Li-Chun Huang   The Effect of Brand Communication Elements on Consumer Brand Mind-Set and Brand Equity
M317 2019 Wei-Jhen Kang Shu-Mei Wang   A Study of Management Students’ Department Identification and Entrepreneurial Intention
M316 2019 Chang-Yi Wang Ho-Chia Chueh   Exploring the Trend of Automobile Print Ads through Narrative Framework
M315 2019 Yu-San Liu Shu-Mei Wang   Cultural Values Reflected in Television AdvertisingA Case Study of PX Mart and Carrefour
M314 2018 Wei-Chun Hung Shu-Mei Wang   Exploring the Influencing Factors of Elders’ Consuming Intention in the New Technological Era: Taking the Self-Service Store as an Example
M313 2018 Yi-Ting Yu Jiun-Hao Wang Ju-Sen Lin The Effect of Marketing Factors on B2C E-commerce Revenue in Taiwan
M312 2018 Jian-In Wu Jiun-Hao Wang   Two Empirical Studies on Food Safety isseus: Consumers’ Risk Perception of Food Safety & Tea Factories’ Willingness to Accept Safety Certification
M311 2018 Wei-Tarng Goy Chun-Chieh Wang   Exploring the Trend of Automobile Print Ads through Narrative Framework
M310 2018 Wei-Keat See Chun-Chieh Wang   Analysis of Agricultural News Topic and Content Preference of Facebook User: A Case Study of News&Market, Agriharvest, and FoodNext
M309 2018 Bo-Jie Guo Ho-Chia Chueh   News Media Coverage of the Genetically Modified Food in Taiwan
M308 2018 Wan-Hsien Chuo Yu-Chan Chiu   Let Me Tell You More Than One Story: The Elements, and Features of Farmers’ Stories
M307 2017 Chia-Yuan Hsu Shu-Mei Wang   Comparison of university students’ social entrepreneurial intention and its influential factors between Taiwan and Hong Kong
M306 2017 Ying-Ting Chen Hsiu-Ping Yueh   Effects of Quality Cues of Agricultural Products on Consumers’ Emotion and Decisions
M305 2017 Ping-Hung Lin Yeu-Sheng Hsieh   Attitudes toward the Development of Gene Technology in Taiwan: The Effects of Environmental Values and Genetic Knowledge
M304 2017 Yi-Shan Cheng Yeu-Sheng Hsieh   Changes in Sleep among People in Taiwan
M303 2017 Yi-Lun Jheng Hsiu-Ping Yueh   An Exploratory Study on Strategy and Design of Storytelling in Agriculture
M302 2017 Tien-Yu Feng Yu-Hua Chen   The Effect of Environment-Health Values to Purchase Intention for Organic Foods: Examining the Moderating Effects of Risk Perception and Institutional Trust 
M301 2017 Tsai-Jie Jiang Yu-Chan Chiu   Civic Engagement and Democratic Implications in Taiwan Agro-food Movements
M300 2017 Yi-Jung Lin Mu-Chien Chou   End-of-Life Decision: Study of Message Framing
M299 2016 Pin-Ying Chen Li-Pei Peng Shou-Cheng Lai Localizing Agri-Food Quality: A Case Study of Gongguan Jujube
M298 2016 Yun-Ning Tang Li-Pei Peng   A Study on Institutional Capacity of Food and Agriculture Education for Elementary Schools in Taipei City
M297 2016 Pi-Ying Yen Yeu-Sheng Hsieh   The Health Concept among Taiwanese: Dimensions and Levels
M296 2016 Li-Chun Chen Li-Chun Huang   Analysis to Content Marketing Strategy: In the Case of Floral Retailing Industry
M295 2016 Yi–Jie Chen Yu-Hua Chen   Changing Adoption Practices under the Male-Centered Family System: The Female Perspective
M294 2016 Yu-Shan Lin Ho-Chia Chueh   Discussing ‘Tribal Embeddedness’ of Community Supported Agriculture
M293 2015 Cyong-Yue Jhang Li-Pei Peng Shou-Cheng Lai The Construction and Maintenance of Typical Local Food: A Case Study of Guanxi Mesona
M292 2015 Guan-Yu Shih Jiun-Hao Wang   Differentiation and Transformation of Festival Food: the Development of Zongzi in Taiwan
M291 2015 Meng-Hsuan Lin Jiun-Hao Wang   Local Specialty, Peasants’ Craftsmanship and Food Quality: The Wine in Erlin, Changhua County
M290 2015 Ting-Ting Chu Ho-Chia Chueh   Leaving from urban, integrating into rural? Examining urban-rural dialectical relationships through livelihoods and everyday life of the back-to-the-land farmers in Taiwan
M289 2015 You-Ren Fang Ho-Chia Chueh   A Comparative Content Analysis of Ecotourism Representation in National Park and Outdoor Magazines
M288 2015 Sheng-Ping Wang Jiun-Hao Wang   The Training Effectiveness on Farming Ability: The Case Study of training programs of Farmers’ Academy
M287 2014 Hui-Yu Wang Yu-Hua Chen   Culture-Led Regeneration Actions Through Public-Private Partnership: A Case Study of Taipei Dihua Street
M286 2014 Yi-Ling Lin Li-Chun Huang   The Influence of Package Visual Elements of Floral Gift on Emotional Communication for Romantic Relationships
M285 2014 An Chu Li-Chun Huang   Service Process Communication and Gaps for the Business Floral Gift of Phalaenopsis
M284 2014 Hui-Chun Lin Hsiu-Ping Yueh   A Study of the Reading Behaviors of the Elderly in Different News Media Format
M283 2014 Chia-Zhen Chen Hsiu-Ping Yueh   Navigation Performance of Affordance-based Interface Menu Design among Different Generations
M282 2014 Chiao-Yueh Lin Mu-Chien Chou   Research on Dominance of the Visual Communication Elements of the Packaging for Agriculture-Related and Non-Agriculture-Related Drinks
M281 2014 Yu-An Chen Yeu-Sheng Hsieh   The Effect of Socio-economic Status on Environmental Behavior
M280 2014 Jen Wang Yeu-Sheng Hsieh   The Effect of Work Flexibility on Work Outcomes
M279 2013 Lan-Yin Lee Shou-Cheng Lai   Tourism Consumption, Place Construction and Media IntermediariesCases in “Share the Spirit” Magazine
M278 2013 Yu-Chien Chiang Yu-Hua Chen   Sibling Relationship in Early Adulthood
M277 2013 Yi-Ling Chou Yu-Hua Chen   Who Opposes Labor Immigration? A Comparative Study among Taiwan, Japan and Korea
M276 2013 Hui-Yu Chan Li-Chun Huang   The Effects of Innovativeness and Centrality of Visual Product Aesthetics on the Consumer Perception of GM Ornamental Plants
M275 2013 Wei-Hsuan Ting Yu-Hua Chen   The Agricultural Values’ Translation, Redefinition and Practice of Small Farmers: The Case Study of Erchongpu and Sanchongpu in Hsinchu
M274 2013 Li-Wan Lin Yu-Chan Chiu   “The Electromagnetic Wave” in NewspapersA Technological Risk Approach
M273 2012 Yu-Lun Wu Hsiu-Ping Yueh   動機活化測量與恐怖片類型偏好之相關性研究
M272 2012 Wei-Chun Liao Hsiu-Ping Yueh   A Study of Rural Area Elderly’s Health Information Behavior
M271 2012 Yung Ku Hsiu-Ping Yueh   A Study of Applying Tangible User Interface Tool in Elementary Chinese Word Recognition Learning
M270 2012 Po-Chuan Huang Erh-Rou Lai   A Study on Gender-Role Attitude, Family Values and Marital Satisfaction in Taiwan
M269 2012 Yun-Wen Lai Jiun-Hao Wang   Willingness to visit graves: Empirical evidence from Martyrs’ Shrine based on visitors’ emotional experience
M268 2012 Yi-Hua Lu Ho-Chia Chueh   The Media Representation of Rurality in Taiwan──The Case of “the TAIKER Etude”
M267 2012 Chao-Hua Tu  Shou-Cheng Lai   Cultural Economy and Rural Development A Case Study of Hsinpu, Hsinchu County
M266 2012 Yi-Chin Hsieh Shou-Cheng Lai   Food Tourism and Food Qualification: The Aboriginal Cuisine in Wulai