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Alumni and Their Dissertations

Year Ph.D. Student Advisor Co-advisor Dissertation
D063 2019 Ming-Hsin Lu Hsiu-Ping Yueh   The Effect of Mobile Augmented Reality Treatment on Older Adults’ Medication Performance
D062 2019 Jian-Yan Huang Jiun-Hao Wang   A study of farmers’ market relationship among relational capital, institutional trust, consumption constraints
D061 2018 Chao-Chien Chen Chao-Yun Liang Hsiu-Ping Yueh Antecedents of Agribusiness Entrepreneurial Intentions and Their Influences
D060 2017 Ching-Hung Huang Kun-Sun Shiao Li-Chun Huang The Development and Adjustment Analysis of Physician-owned Pharmacy in Clinic in Taiwan in View of Separation of Drug Prescribing and Dispensing in the World
D059 2016 Kai-Hung Liao Chao-Yun Liang   Indicators, Roots, and Cultivation Methods of Imaginative Capacity of Professional Writers in the Communication Industry
D058 2016 Ting-Jay Lee Li-Pei Peng   The Relationship between Disadvantages of Living Environment and Life Chances, and the Role of Local Governance in Rural Area
D057 2015 Ku-Yuan Lee Kun-Sun Shiao   The Trust Model for Consumers’ Online Shopping in Taiwan
D056 2015 Chun-Yen Chang Kun-Sun Shiao   A Sociocultural Approach to The News-making of a Major Natural Disaster: Exploring on TV News Works of Typhoon Morakot in Taiwan
D055 2014 Jie-Ting Chen Kun-Sun Shiao   A Study of Reflexive Modern on the Transformation of Organic Agriculture in Taiwan
D054 2013 Yi-Ting Chung Shou-Cheng Lai   The Change of Qualities and Tastes of Rice in Taiwan
D053 2013 Chiou-Lien Huang Jiun-Hao Wang   The Effect of Media-Based Leisure Activities on Happiness: Empirical Evidences from East Asia Countries
D052 2013 Chiao-Lian Tsai Kun-Sun Shiao Shu-Kwei Kao The study of National Nature Protected Area Management System adjustment- National Parks as the example
D051 2013 Zhe-Qiang Liao Kun-Sun Shiao   The Construction of Alternative Food--A Case Study of Cukeng Coffee
D050 2012 Cheng-Nan Lai Yei-Fei Su   The Study of the Adoption of Tea Innovation Technology on Tea Farmers’ Needs
D049 2012 Ching-Yuan Chen Yeu-Sheng Hsieh   Impact of Social Context on Social Attitude toward Gene technology
D048 2012 Yi-Lin Liu Hsiu-Ping Yueh   A Study of the Professional Competences of Employees in Nanotechnology Domain
D047 2012 Jong-Yong Pu Ho-Chia Chueh Hong-chin Tsai Hybrid Tsou identities: Exploring contemporary rituals, festivals and lifecycle events of the Tsou nation