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Quota: 40 (each semester)
NTU students who are sophomore or above and who have taken at least one course that is listed in the curriculum map.  

Applicant must present
You have to apply
online first, then submit your full academic transcript and application form to BICD office.                                               

Online Registration Deadline
First week of every semester.

Hard Copy Submission Deadline
Within two weeks after semester begins.
Late submission is not acceptable.

Announcement will be posted on the noticeboard both of BICD website and Online Registration System on Thursday of the third week after semester begins.

Application Form Download


Apply time:
Before 1/30 and 7/30

Hard Copy Submission Deadline
Without time limit.
Application form that is submitted within 1/30 and 7/30 will be reviewed and for certificate making after 7/30.

Applicant must present: 
You should 
submit your Chinese or English full academic transcript and review application form to BICD office. 

You will be given a Certificate in Communication Program after reviewing. It takes one month to review your qualification and for certificate making. You will be informed of collecting the document after finishing certificate making.


Review Application Form Download