The first graduation exhibition of BICD brings sense-subverting experiences, guided by key leader of design, Akib

        The Department of Bio-Industry of Communication and Development held the first graduation exhibition on the 30th. The exhibition is guided by the heavy hitter of design, Akibo, overthrowing daily senses through alternative perception interpretations, re-interpreting people's understanding of life. Zhou Kai-yu, the coordinator, said that the exhibition not only allows the audience to see the world, understand issues, and learn new knowledge from different angles, but also convey the diversity and creativity of BICD. The themes of the exhibition are interdisciplinary and presented in different kinds of  media, inviting the audience to subvert their sensory experiences.
        Akibo, who personally guided the exhibition, said that even if the students have had no practical experience in curation, they are good at thinking and being independent, which makes this exhibition different from the one’s of other design departments. The themes are very diverse, showing students' concern for generations, the environment, and the future. The audience can also find connections with their own life experiences.
        Coordinator Zhou Kai-yu explained that holding a graduation production is a challenge to himself. BICD is never solely about design, communication, marketing, or agricultural. We are who we are, and that’s what makes our diversity. It is also why micro-films, podcasts, artistic creation, experience activities, traditional markets, perfumery, social issues, psychological issues, and food/farming issues can all happen at the same time in the same graduation production.