The News&Market news department is recruiting a full-time reporter

Expectations for new partners:
1. Enthusiastic in exploring issues on agriculture, food, and the environment.
2. Have some experience in reporting and be willing to go to the news site to unearth the truth and deliver important information.
3. Have the ability to resist pressure and work in teams.
4. Keep your mind open and be curious, willing to listen and observe. Bring back the richest information, with concise text and images, to make reports that will touch the readers.
5. Bonus question: Have the ability to process graphic editing, transforming long reports into clear graphic presentations.
Welcome friends who are interested in News&Market. Please provide a resume, portfolio, and write down your thoughts on agriculture and news, and send them to News&Market. Our holiday and benefits accord to the national regulations. The salary of those with experience is 38 thousand and above.
Please send the above information to: